High Tech Hackathon

Whenever there is a buzz about any technical competition one of the most famous and never missed term is “Hackathon”, and that is exactly what we present to you!

Taqneeq’18 brings you HighTech Hackathon where you are going to develop a system for a real-life based problem in a given period of time. Develop the optimal solution to win respect and showcase your intellect!

Web Combat

A Problem is one thing that remains constant in each and every individuals’ life, and its usually hard to find a way through these problems. We usually go online and look for solutions on websites, but making these websites isn’t a piece of cake.

Taqneeq’18 provides you a platform to showcase your web development skill and the ability of innovative techniques to solve the problem given to you. Come and show us what you got!

Tech Dungeon

How clear everything becomes when you look from the darkness of a dungeon.

Taqneeq’18 bring to you Tech Dungeon, where there will be two rounds, each more challenging then the previous one, and definitely more fun too. This dungeon will test your Stability, Durability and ofcourse, mental ability.  

Fault In our circuit

All it takes is the right energy, right place, and a spark to make connections. Wait, not the connections you’re thinking about, we’re talking about circuit connections!

Taqneeq brings you “Fault in the circuit” where you replicate designs and build circuit and pray they work! Hope you connect true!  

High Fly

One of the most trending technology nowadays is the drone technology where you see many have developed their own drones in their home, few going for including camera and few gesture control.

Taqneeq’18 brings you a Drone exhibition where the participants will be showcasing their creation and will compete with each other to determine who soars the highest.

Cad-a- thon

Creativity is not just about coming up with ideas, it’s also how we represent and demonstrate those ideas in words, images, audio etc.

Here, at Taqneeq, we have come up with an event that will make it almost irresistible for you to be a part of it. It’s time to brush up your CAD designing skills and get ready to compete with others. So, grab a computer and start designing.

Starkste Structure

We bring you Starkste structure, where Starkste means strongest (in german) and structure means, well structure, but not any structure.

You have to built a crane which can bear weights and based on the capability of crane’s weight lifting the you will be judged. Weigh your capabilities to bring out the real engineer in you!