UV Bowling

When we switch off of our regular lights, turn on the disco lights, and crank up the music for a ROCK and Bowl good times. All of the bowling balls and lanes glow in the dark. It’s not about how you bowl, it’s about how you roll!


FootPool is a unique amalgam of football and traditional pool.

This fun filled event involves mind and feet where in the participants will use their legs for a cue and aim the balls into pockets with their football skills.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is an exhilarating, competitive game played in a futuristic arena of glowing obstacles, and war-like arenas, strobes, lasers, and sound tracks.

Two teams, all equipped with vests and lasers, compete to see who wins the ultimate battle!

Melt Down

Meltdown is a 6 player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions.

Like in Takeshi’s Castle, Meltdown features 2 spinning logs that players have to dodge without falling off in order to be the last one standing!

Quick Connections

The best kind of relations begin unexpectedly. When you get that astonished feeling and everything happens so suddenly. Ever thought of making a connection over a game?

Taqneeq’18 brings to you Quick Connections, wherein you’ll be getting a chance to connect with like minded people. We... just need a spark!